We are actively engaging our community members and partners through workshops, events, and visual content (documentaries) aimed at dispelling and mitigating stigma that continues to discriminate against individuals. ​

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Minority Health & Wellness Strategy

We are directly focused on eliminating health inequities by focusing on the social determinants of health. We advocate and collaborate with the community to increase the well-being of citizens. Our advocacy and research bring these higher up the local, national and international policy agendas. We are looking to support and collaborate with groups and parents dedicated to health, wellbeing, and social justice, to broaden our impact and support our marginalized communities.

We take on these key issues that impact BIPOC through: 

  • Rise In Education

  • Event Management 

  • Policy Advocacy

  • Mentorship

Health and Social Focus Areas 

Social Determinants of Health



Community Development


We are looking for opportunities to curate, support and collaborate on systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge surrounding health and social inequities, social determinants, race relations, and community development. 

Involvement in the collection, organization, and analysis of information to gain a better understanding. 

Business Consultant
Female Friends

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A focus on securing agency and dignity of marginalized folks and allowing safe(R) spaces for them to navigate and amplify their voices. In communities where they might feel unrepresented and unprotected this initiative will create resources and workshops to allow them to reclaim spaces and be apart of the change and give voices, names and faces to the change that is happening within our communities.



Intentional community development for BIPoC in the Cannabis/Hemp sector driving opportunities to bridge community/grassroots with corporate spaces. 

Medical and recreational cannabis education, cannabis cultural education (respecting Ganja), research materials and curation of safe(R) cannabis spaces. 

We partner and work with employers and community organizations to advance skilled workforce initiatives within health, agriculture, cultivation, social equity, licensing, compliance, product development, marketing/branding, research, law and finance.

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